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All TMicons events are sponsor funded. We are a not-for-profit organisation/network. All teacher tickets to all events are completely FREE. We publish our accounts each year. A special thank you to all the individuals and companies who support this grassroots event, enabling it to be free of charge for all teachers. If you or your company would like to get involved, please get in touch with us. We have different plans to suit the scale with which you wish to partner.
Please download our information pack here:

Current Sponsors 


Mary Myatt & Co

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time travel

Time Travel Education


Harper Collins


Medical Mavericks

Hodder Education

Oxford University Press

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Saturday was insightful. I was able to network & learn lots about Brown history, Toxteth riots , reasons for Weimar's collapse, vocabulary & equality through time. 


I can’t wait to take these practical ideas into the classroom. Emily Folorunsho


There is always lots of buzz around the events and it is well attended. The organisers always go out of their way to promote their sponsors and encourage delegates to come and speak to us. The atmosphere is informal and easy going and it provies a good chance to get feedback from teachers on our resources. Hodder Education

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Thoroughly enjoyed sharing my research and exchanging thoughts with a packed room full of enthusiastic teachers. A well-run and informative event that was a joy to attend.

Nathen Amin

OUP love being involved with and sponsoring TeachMeet History Icons; I’d say it’s one of the best events out there for history teachers.  The room is always buzzing, full of conversation and tonnes of useful ideas to take straight back to the classroom, it’s a really brilliant day. 

From a sponsorship point of view, this event allows us to listen to teachers and understand their priorities in school as well as having the opportunity to present about our publishing and additional support OUP offer. 

It’s a brilliantly managed event – I know how much work goes into running these things and to do it on top of a teaching job as well is a fantastic achievement.

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"TMI History was a fantastic event for us. It was great to speak to introduce MASSOLIT to so many history teachers, of course, but it was also really interesting to hear about the kind of topics that teachers are interested in at the moment, and to see where more resources are needed. We've already started recruiting for the Mughal Empire, for example. We'll definitely be back again." – Chris Tudor, Founder of MASSOLIT"

"The teach meet event in Manchester was a really refreshing day. As a sponsor of the event, it was a great way to speak to all the teachers that attended the event throughout the day in a relaxed environment. Compared to similar events this was a great event for exhibitors like ourselves as we and the attendees were all in the same room. We were able to listen to other guest speakers and meet teachers over the  day. Also being able to do a talk of are own allowed us to show off what we do at Medical Mavericks

Highly recommend this event to all, Tom and the team and the host(s) make the event run so well and hopefully there will be more speakers and more teachers in the future!"

Former Sponsors 

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