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What they said about the event.....

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Historian and broadcaster

Dan Snow

"Wherever I go in this country, I meet somebody who is part of the History Icons gang! It's a tribute to the team spirit and organisation and everything you are managing to achieve as a community! Its an honour to be even partly associated with you"


History teacher, head of KS4

Emily Folorunsho

"When you feel dry as a practitioner and dry of ideas, TMhistoryIcons is a great pick me up. I have always left buzzing with ideas to implement on Monday. TMHistoryIcons isn't just a day thing. It’s a community; the network and support has been huge for me."


Head of History

Kyle Graham

"TMHistoryicons is a great event that allows you to network and meet like-minded people who are interested in their subject and improving the life chances of their students. I had a brilliant time last year and will be making it a staple part of my calendar for years to come."


Alex Fairlamb

TMHistoryIcons Coordinator

"Hi, I’m Alex and I’m coordinator alongside the amazing history team for the fabulous TMHistoryIcons event. The event is a high energy, ideas and resources packed experience where historians and teachers combine to provide delegates with lots of strategies to instantly implement into their school environment. Our sponsors are incredible and share their work with the delegates through presentations and sponsor market stalls. Add into that, a lunch and a memorable social event on the evening, and you have TMHistoryIcons!"

Team Members





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If you are interested in sponsoring the History event in 2020, then please contact us through the website contact form with the subject line "sponsorship".


Current Sponsors

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TES Resources
(venue host)
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Time Travel Education
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Pupil Progress
Beamish Museum


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