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TMIcons Sociology Event!

Saturday 25th June will see the first face to face Sociology Icons event after two successful virtual events this year.

As a small subject, we don’t often have opportunities to come together as a subject team to learn from each other, develop our subject knowledge and network, which is one of the things that makes this event so special.

We have split the day into two parts, in the morning we will be looking at teaching strategies and have 5 fantastic speakers who are all classroom teachers sharing their resources, ideas and what has worked for them. In the afternoon we are looking at developing our subject knowledge with 5 sociologists from universities across the country coming to share their research with us.

We will have plenty of time throughout the day to network and meet with other sociology teachers, share ideas and discuss sociology, along with a Raffle, Quiz and some fab prizes.

Our first Keynote will be from Dr Sarah Cant, co Author of “How to be a Sociologist”. She will be giving a talk in the defence of Sociology. She is Director of Academic Studies for the School of Law, Policing and Social Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University. Her main area of research interest lies in the sociology of health and illness but she also contributes to a ranges of modules and teaching of sociology, social theory and social research methods. Her book, co-authored with Dr Jennifer Hardes, “How to be a sociologist” has been praised as a perfect introduction to sociology, it breaks down the complexities of the subject and dispels the idea that Sociology is just common sense. It is written in a student friendly way that allows them to build on what is taught in class.

Our second Keynote is from Matthew Wilkin who will be sharing his experience of interviewing some of the biggest names in Sociology as well as showing how these podcasts can be incorporated into classroom practice. Matthew Wilkin is a Sociology teacher from Brighton and currently teaches at BHASVIC college in Hove. He has been teaching the subject for 20 years including in Kenya and Spain as well as various schools and colleges in the south of England. Matthew started the Sociology Show podcast in the first lockdown of 2020 as a way to continue chatting all things sociology to people and alleviate the boredom, the series has gone on to flourish and has given him the opportunity to interview the likes of Sudhir Venjatesh, Diane Reay, Mike Savage, Tariq Modood, Gary Younge, Carolyn Jackson, Les Back, Sue Palmer, Angela McRobbie, Khalwant Bhopal amongst many others too.

Other teachmeet speakers.....

Please join us on the 25th June!

TMIcons Sociology Team

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