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TM English Icons is back- Join us!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

It’s in-person and FREE! Don’t miss out!

This Saturday, we have our first face-to-face event since pre-pandemic times and we can’t wait to connect with everyone in person.

Teach Meet English Icons will take place on Saturday 24th September 2022 at St. Thomas Centre Manchester.

English teachers are in for a treat… Get ready for an inspiring day full of incredible speakers, covering a wide range of topics across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. There’s definitely something for everyone!


  • Chris Curtis @xris32 ‘Rethinking Non-fiction’

  • Andrew Atherton @__codexterous ‘Retrieving Aesthetically: making retrieval practice English-y’

  • Haili Hughes @hugheshaili ‘What Would Freud Say? Using a critical lens as a springboard for conceptualised answers in Macbeth’

In addition to our wonderful keynotes we will also be hearing from TWELVE brilliant teachers in our teach meet section. This consists of shorter presentations (approx. 10 minutes) in which speakers share their expertise and give us a snapshot of their work.


  1. Sam Gibbs @samgibbs1 ‘Reclaiming English: why now is the time for genuine curriculum conversations’

  2. Anya Thomas @anyarthomas ‘Schema-building in English’

  3. Elaine McNally @mrsmacteach33 ‘What’s done cannot be undone. Reparative Reading: Shakespeare and issues of race, migration, belonging and empire’

  4. Sarah Davies @SJDavies87 ‘It’s Good to Talk: Encouraging the Implementation of Oracy Skills in the English Curriculum’

  5. Katie Shakeshaft @MissEduKatie ‘Explicit Vocabulary Instruction’

  6. Helen Howell @cura_dora ‘Reimagining how students revise English’

  7. Amy Smith @amy_smith117 ‘Teaching A Level Lit: Finding a Route Through the Text’

  8. Gaurav Dubay @GauravDubay3 ‘Oracy in English: a curriculum, not a pedagogical issue’

  9. Donal Hale @haledonal ‘Why a rich knowledge of grammar helps students develop literary analysis’

  10. Laura Webb and Becky Jones @LauraLolder and @BeckyTeachopia ‘Improving Analytical Writing through High Level Models’

  11. Louise Harrison @louisetharrison ‘How to complete a detailed character study at KS4’

  12. Kate Pretsell @KatePretsell ‘Improving Writing at Sentence Level, in the English Classroom and Beyond’

Get your CPD journals ready for some amazing *free* subject-specific CPD… Did we mention there will also be free booze and a lot of networking?!

Don’t miss out! FREE tickets are available here:

The event will take place from 9.45am (registration from 9am) until around 5pm with an opportunity for a social gathering in the city centre after the event.

The centre is within easy reach of Manchester City centre and is approximately 10 minutes (on foot) from Manchester Piccadilly Station.

We are very thankful for our wonderful sponsors @PupilProgressUK @OUPSecondary @TLS_dot_Club @QuotationBank @HodderEnglish who make our events happen for FREE.

See you in September!

TMIcons English Team

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