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Thank you to a new sponsor- Life Lessons

Hi Teachmeet Icons subscribers! On Saturday, we had our brilliant PSHE team put on a fabulous event (click here if you want a look!) We introduced a new sponsor to everyone- Life Lessons - putting young people at the heart of relationships and sex education.

They offer a complete toolkit for teaching statutory RSHE that connects directly with young people's lives and supports a healthy and empathetic school culture.

  • Unique video library - Real young people from across the UK share their views. Relatable & models openness to your pupils

  • Flexible lesson plans with a simple ‘Watch Discuss, Do’ pedagogy

  • Simple assessment tools to measure learning

  • The Life Lessons full spiral curriculum evolves over time based upon the needs of young people

Schedule a free consultation and benefit from a 10% discount when you quote TEACHMEETICONS

Click here to see their current curriculum offer- it's worth a look!

Our next event is TMIcons Drama on 11th June- all welcome!

Best Wishes,

TMIcons Team

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