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TeachMeet Drama Icons Saturday 11th June

So after two incredible webinars so far, Teachmeet Drama Icons returns for our 3rd session with more amazing guests and opportunities to network with theatre practitioners and drama teachers across the country.

We begin with an amazing opportunity to hear from one of the most innovative and exciting theatre companies working in the UK ,Les Enfants Terribles. Over the last 20 years they have forged a reputation for amazing visual storytelling and site specific masterpieces such as Alice’s adventures Underground. They have an amazing back catalogue of shows and productions and have now launched The Curiosity Index which is an awesome free resource bank for teachers to help with devising using stimuli and education packs linked to their productions. They are joining our webinar to help illustrate how to best use these resources to help students be imaginative when devising or designing.

In the last decade there has been many publications regarding research into memory and learning which have become widely available for teachers to improve their practice based on cognitive science. Retrieval Practice is now common place in many schools and on many subject curriculums from Year 1 to Year 13. How does this effect Drama teaching in 2022? Many of us may struggle to incorporate these ideas into a largely practical subject , but does that mean we should ignore the evidence of adopting such strategies in our classroom or drama studio? Sharon Leftwich- Lloyd is a Lead Practitioner who has been teaching Drama for over 22 years who is joining us to grapple with this issue. Together with Dual coding she is going to explore how these areas of research can be utilised effectively in Drama. Boasting the best value added A level results in the country in 2018 clearly what she is doing is working!

How can Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis be used to investigate building relationships between actors? Using his ideas and tension levels with students our next guest is the very experienced and KS5 powerhouse Sharon MacInnes ;teacher, actor, director and voice coach. Working with large cohorts of Sixth Form students Sharon’s experience and knowledge is highly valued by TMDramaIcons and we are delighted she is able to join us to share her expertise.

Finally, have you ever wondered how to engage KS3 students with ideas for lighting designs? It can be an area that students show enthusiasm for but becomes inaccessible due to technical language or a lack of access to good resources and lighting equipment.

Fear no more - using the power of Lego, Kirsten Watson demonstrates how simple ideas can be unlocked to help younger students express their ideas for lighting design in a simple way.

That is our full line-up this month, an amazing set of guests that we can’t wait to hear from and be inspired by. We hope that our next Teach Meet will be face to face in Manchester in the near future but until then make sure you tune in to enjoy this great morning of high quality subject specific CPD.

TMIcons Drama Team

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