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Another Drama Teachmeet just for you - Saturday 20th November

I was really excited earlier this year when we appointed Seb Ventura as the coordinator to lead our Drama Teachmeet team. As director of Teachmeeticons, I am a huge believer not only in the power of the arts within the curriculum, but also how often they are overlooked. I wasn't taught Drama at school and I think I would have enjoyed it - would you?

Our first Drama teachmeet took place in July and it was lovely to see how well it was received. Now, we have the second event on the horizon with some super speakers from across the Drama domain:

The event will be streamed live via Youtube (see link to the left) on the day. You can also sign up for the event recording here. The entire event is free to view and all the accompanying resources will be available afterwards too.

This event is sponsored by Pupil Progress, Welbee and Teachers Love Stationery. To find out more about these great organisations, visit our sponsors page.

Please help us spread the word about this event by sharing this blog amongst your drama teaching friends! We will see you on Saturday 20th!

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