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An event for anyone interested in leadership...

Our first ever face-to-face teach meet for leadership enthusiasts is coming your way on 12th November. Whether you are an aspiring, current or experienced leader, this event is for you.

Free Tickets include a free bar/refreshments all day long:

We have the usual array of top class speakers.

Already announced as keynote speakers at the event are Jennifer Webb, Pete Sanderson and Nadine Bernard.

In addition, we have the following teachmeet presenters confirmed so far:

  • Amber Hardisty - 'Give in to positivity: Finding the joy in form time' @amberjenkins121

  • Yamina Bibi - 'Building Leadership Presence as a Senior Leader' @msybibi

  • Matt Hallam - 'Developing Literacy in Secondary School' @matthew1hallam

  • Isabelle Jones - 'Reframing Cultural Capital in Schools' @icpjones

  • Jennifer Wozniak-Rush - 'Implementation of Disciplined Inquiry' @MissWozniak

We have a few more exciting announcements still to make!

If you don't know what happens at a Teachmeeticons event, check this out....

Here is what attendees of the recent Teachmeet English Icons event said....

  • It was fantastic.

  • It was great. Thank you!

  • It was just excellent. Not been before; will definitely go again and bring others.

  • The whole day was excellent- I will be signing up for the Leaders’ Event in Nov

  • Really grateful for events like these as they are always so useful and motivating. Thank you.

  • Loved it. Might have been more comfortable with tables but I get that it would reduce space. Thank you for a great event.

  • Brill - thank you

  • I’ve taken something away from each presentation and am so motivated to integrate new strategies into my practice. Cannot wait to attend your next event. Thanks so much for the Prosecco too!

  • Thanks to the organisers. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Thank you very much for organising. A great day

  • When can we do it again?

  • This was one of the best subject-knowledge sessions I’ve attended. I feel enthused about teaching again.

  • It was the best I’ve attended. Thanks to all involved.

  • Excellent CPD. Best I’ve been to in a while. Feeling like I e got lots of action.

  • Amazing sessions, clear ideas easily transferred to the classroom.

  • Great!

  • Excellent speakers and a great venue and facilities.

  • Thank you for organising an excellent event.

So, join us at Teachmeet Leaders Icons on 12th November whilst tickets are still available!

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