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Date of event: 10/07/20

Key speakers: Zuby, Katharine Birbalsingh, Flora Barton, Matt Ward, Abbie Mann + more


Hosted by: Tom Rogers and Victoria Hewitt


Content: 4 hours 

Date of event: 11/07/20

Key speakers: Paddy Winter, Dawn Cox, Libby Lane + more


Hosted by: Clare Hawkins


Content: 3 hours 

Date of event: 13/07/20

Key speakers: Paul Reed and Peter Doyle


Hosted by: Tom Rogers and Carol Stobbs


Content: 1.30 mins

Date of event: 03/08/20

Key speakers: Julia Bailey and Corina Mavrodin

Hosted by: Tom Rogers, Andrew Sweet and Carol Stobbs


Content: 90 minutes

Date of event: 04/08/20

Key speakers: Kathryn Warren

Hosted by: Tom Rogers and Rosanna Hume


Content: 60 minutes

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